Chapter 1

Sensitive data maximally secured in the cloud

How do you maintain a continuous and rapid pace of innovation while addressing the imperatives of security and compliance? If this challenge makes you feel like you are walking a tightrope, then you may find that sovereign cloud is all you need to cross safely.  CIO and IT decision-makers are actively seeking cloud solutions that meet their security requirements, resulting in the growing prominence of sovereign cloud solutions. Here are three solid reasons why sovereign cloud is the IT foundation for your enterprise.

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1. Security

The sovereign clouds are governed and secured by European entities, which keeps your data safely within European borders. This provides you with unmatched control over data identification, classification, and security.

2. Compliance With European legislation

European laws are setting new precedents in data governance. Sovereign clouds are designed in harmony with these directives, offering the best solution for legislative adaptations.

3. Competitive advantage

Choosing a sovereign cloud also gives you a strategic advantage. Businesses often rely on cloud services for things like data analytics and AI. Opting for a European-focused cloud ensures compatibility while still keeping a strong grip on how data is managed.

Now that you know the advantages of sovereign cloud, you want to know how to adopt it. Adopting sovereign cloud demands an assessment of existing infrastructures and a good understanding of data protection laws. This whitepaper can be your compass in navigating these complexities.

What is Sovereign Cloud?

Vincent Dock | Senior strategy manager at Proximus NXT

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